Course: National & International Current Affairs-I (5633)                                          

Semester: Autumn, 2022 

Level: M.Sc (Mass Communication)                                  

  ASSIGNMENT No.2     


Q.1 Highlight the importance of agriculture production in Pakistan? Though which way agriculture production of the country can be increased?    

 Agriculture production is of great importance to Pakistan as it plays a vital role in the country’s economy. It contributes significantly to the Gross Domestic Product (GDP), provides employment opportunities for a large segment of the population, and is a major source of foreign exchange earnings through exports.

Pakistan’s agriculture sector faces several challenges such as low productivity, lack of modern technology, inadequate irrigation facilities, and limited access to credit. To increase agriculture production in the country, the following ways can be considered:

  1. Modernizing the agriculture sector: By introducing modern techniques and technologies, farmers can increase their yields and productivity. This includes the use of high-quality seeds, fertilizers, pesticides, and advanced farming machinery.
  2. Improving irrigation facilities: Agriculture in Pakistan is heavily dependent on irrigation. Therefore, it is important to improve and expand the existing irrigation systems to ensure efficient water management.
  3. Providing credit facilities: Farmers need access to credit to invest in modern technology and inputs. The government can facilitate this by providing easy credit facilities to farmers at low-interest rates.
  4. Encouraging research and development: The agriculture sector can benefit greatly from research and development. Investing in research to develop new crop varieties that are resistant to diseases and pests, and can grow in adverse weather conditions, can increase crop yields.
  5. Promoting exports: By promoting the export of agricultural products, Pakistan can increase its foreign exchange earnings. The government can encourage exports by providing subsidies to farmers and exporters, and by negotiating favorable trade agreements with other countries.

In conclusion, agriculture production plays a crucial role in Pakistan’s economy, and increasing it is essential for sustainable economic growth. By modernizing the sector, improving irrigation facilities, providing credit facilities, encouraging research and development, and promoting exports, agriculture production in the country can be increased.

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