Course: Media Ethics & Laws Part-I (6603)

M.Sc (Mass Communication)        Autumn,2022   


Question no. 1: Explain the situation of privacy practices in Pakistan with suitable examples.

In Pakistan, the situation of media privacy practices have been a matter of concern for a long time. While the country has laws in place to protect privacy, there have been several instances where media organizations have violated these laws. In this answer, I will provide some examples of media privacy practices in Pakistan.

One of the most prominent cases of media privacy violation in Pakistan was the video scandal involving a famous TV anchor and journalist, Mubasher Lucman. In 2013, a video was leaked on social media that showed Lucman engaging in inappropriate behavior with a woman. Lucman denied the allegations, claiming that the video was doctored, but the incident led to a significant public backlash against him and the media organization he worked for.

Another example of media privacy violation in Pakistan is the airing of private phone conversations without the consent of the parties involved. In 2019, a private phone conversation between a judge and a senior journalist was aired on a TV channel. The conversation was not only a breach of privacy but also raised concerns about the independence of the judiciary in Pakistan.

In addition to these high-profile cases, there are also several instances of media organizations publishing stories that infringe on the privacy of individuals, such as publishing their personal information or airing footage of their private lives without their consent. These practices have often led to legal action against media organizations, but they continue to be a problem in Pakistan.

To address these concerns, the Pakistani government has introduced laws to protect privacy, such as the Prevention of Electronic Crimes Act 2016. However, the implementation of these laws has been weak, and media organizations have continued to violate privacy rights with impunity. As a result, media privacy practices in Pakistan remain a matter of concern for citizens and policymakers alike.

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