Course: Mass Communication Part-I (5631)                  

Semester: Autumn, 2022

Level: MSc/PGD (Mass Communication)


Q. 1  Elaborate with examples the kinds of Communication and its effects in various situations.   

Q. 2  What are the essential elements for the process of communication? Explain it with the help of a model.      

Q. 3  What are different psychological hurdles of communication? Suggest the ways to resolve these barriers.     

Q. 4           Write notes on the following:                                                            

         i)       De Fleur Model of communication

         ii)      Two Step Flow Model of Mass Media

         iii)     The HUB model of Communication

         iv)     J-Curve model of news diffusion.                                                           

Q. 5 Do you agree the social responsibility theory uphold the principle of checks and balance in a society? Explain this statement in light of normative theories of press?                                                                                                                                             



Q. 1  How new ideas are diffused in society? Elaborate the process of Diffusion of innovation.                           

Q. 2  Write notes on the following:                                                                             

i)       Media Hegemony

         ii)     Gatekeeping                                                                                       

Q. 3  Explain various media of Mass Communication. Evaluate the role a newspaper plays in your life.    

Q. 4  Elaborate Puppetry and street theatre. How can puppetry be used for social reforms?           

Q. 5     Describe the various categories of media Audiences.

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