Course: Basic Concepts in Social Sciences-I (5637)

Semester: Autumn, 2022 Level: MSc


Q.1   Explain the characteristics of Sociology. Also elaborate how can we term sociology as a science?     

Q.2   What is a social change? Discuss the various theories of social change.     

Q.3   Discuss the significance of culture”? How is it different from society?      

Q.4   What is meant by an institution? Also discuss the basic institutions in complex societies.                    

Q.5   Define modernization and explain its social effects.                                   


Q.1   Define social psychology. Also explain symbolic-interaction theory.         

Q.2   Define self and discuss various theoretical approaches to understand the self.

Q.3   Discuss conformity. Also differentiate group conformity from individual conformity.            

Q.4   How can an attitude be changed? Support your answer with theoretical approaches.    

Q.5   What are social norms? Explain importance of social norms in regulating social behaviors.               

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