Course: National & International Current Affairs-I (5633)                                

Level:MSc                                                                Semester: Autumn, 2022


Q.1   Highlight the importance of agriculture production in Pakistan? Though which way agriculture production of the country can be increased?   

Q.2   Critically examine Center-Province relationship during the last three years. How can this relation be strengthened?         

Q.3   Define the term hybrid warfare. How is social media used a weapon of mass manipulation to gain vested interest by different countries? Provide some relevant examples in this regard.    

Q.4   Explain the purpose for creation of National Counter Terrorism Authority (NACTA). Elaborate National Action Plan as well. Why was need felt for the formulation of such plan? What are the outcomes of this plan?

Q.5   Write notes on the following:

a.      Importance of Roads/Railways Networks for the development of the country.

 b. Importance of Big Water Reservoirs for Pakistan.       

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