Course: Media Ethics & Law Part-II (6604)


Question no. 4 Elaborate the code of ethics and member statement of PEMRA.

 PEMRA, which stands for Pakistan Electronic Media Regulatory Authority, is a regulatory body established by the Pakistani government to regulate and oversee the electronic media in the country. As a regulatory body, PEMRA has developed a code of ethics and a member statement that all members are required to follow.

The code of ethics developed by PEMRA outlines the standards of conduct expected of all members. These standards include:

  1. Respect for Privacy: Members must respect the privacy of individuals and refrain from obtaining or disclosing personal information without consent.
  2. Accuracy: Members must ensure that information provided is accurate and truthful, and that it is supported by reliable sources.
  3. Fairness: Members must be fair in their reporting, presenting all sides of a story without bias or prejudice.
  4. Responsibility: Members must take responsibility for the content they produce, ensuring that it does not incite violence, promote hatred or violate any laws or regulations.
  5. Objectivity: Members must remain objective in their reporting, avoiding any conflict of interest or appearance of bias.
  6. Professionalism: Members must maintain high professional standards, including honesty, integrity, and respect for others.
  7. Sensitivity: Members must be sensitive to the cultural, social and religious values of the Pakistani people and ensure that their reporting does not offend or harm them.

The member statement developed by PEMRA outlines the specific obligations of members. These include:

  1. Compliance with regulations: Members must comply with all applicable laws, regulations and codes of conduct.
  2. Non-partisanship: Members must remain non-partisan, avoiding any political affiliations or bias in their reporting.
  3. Respect for diversity: Members must respect the diversity of the Pakistani people, avoiding any discriminatory language or actions.
  4. Accountability: Members must be accountable for their actions, taking responsibility for any errors or inaccuracies in their reporting.
  5. Transparency: Members must be transparent in their dealings with the public, disclosing any conflicts of interest or sources of funding.

Overall, the code of ethics and member statement developed by PEMRA aim to ensure that electronic media in Pakistan operates in a responsible, professional and ethical manner, upholding the values of accuracy, fairness, objectivity, and sensitivity.

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