Course: Media Ethics & Law Part-II (6604)

MS.C Mass communication

Semester : Autumn, 2022

Question no. 2 Write down the OEMRAS code of ethics foe advertisements on electronics media. 

 The Advertising Standards Council of Pakistan (ASCP) has developed a code of ethics for advertisements on electronic media in Pakistan. The code aims to ensure that advertisements are truthful, fair, and socially responsible. The main provisions of the code are as follows:

  1. Truthfulness and Substantiation: Advertisements should be truthful and not contain any false or misleading statements. Advertisers must be able to substantiate any claims made in the advertisement.
  2. Decency: Advertisements should be decent and in good taste. They should not offend public decency, religious sentiments or cultural values.
  3. Social Responsibility: Advertisements should not undermine the importance of social values and should not promote any activity that is illegal or harmful to society.
  4. Fairness: Advertisements should be fair and not take advantage of the consumer’s inexperience or lack of knowledge. They should not mislead the consumer by omitting material information or exaggerating claims.
  5. Recognition of Advertising: Advertisements should be clearly identified as such and not presented in a manner that would mislead the consumer into thinking it is something other than an advertisement.
  6. Safety: Advertisements should not encourage or depict unsafe practices, nor should they show dangerous stunts or behavior that could lead to harm.
  7. Children and Minors: Advertisements should not exploit the inexperience of children or minors nor should they portray them in a manner that could harm their physical, mental, or moral development.
  8. Contests and Competitions: Advertisements that involve contests or competitions should be conducted fairly and transparently, with clear rules and regulations.
  9. Environmental Responsibility: Advertisements should not depict any activity that is harmful to the environment nor should they encourage practices that are environmentally unsustainable.
  10. Endorsements and Testimonials: Advertisements that feature endorsements or testimonials should be truthful and not misleading. The person endorsing the product or service should have genuinely used the product or service and their endorsement should reflect their honest opinion.

These are the main provisions of the code of ethics for advertisements on electronic media in Pakistan. Advertisers are expected to comply with these provisions and the ASCP monitors and enforces compliance with the code.

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