Course: Communication Theories Part-II (5636)

Semester: Autumn, 2022

LEVEL MSc Mass Communication


Q. 1  What is meant by “media hegemony” and “media determination”?                

Q. 2  Media are considered as “agent of power” by some scholars. What do these scholars consider media as agent of power? Do you think Pakistani mass media are agents of power?              

         Note. Your answer should be logical and argumentative.

Q. 3  What role mass media can paly in socio-cultural integration? Do you think Pakistani mass media play the role of socio-cultural integration?                                                                            

Q. 4  Discuss media effects paly the role powerful media effects and limited effects perspectives.           

Q. 5  What is meant by normative theory? Discuss social responsibility theory of the press. Do you think Pakistani mass media are following the social responsibility theory?                              

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